About Things Quiz

Are you a restless, inquiring mind who's always looking for fun ways to expand your knowledge of the world around you? Are you curious to discover what sets you apart from the pack? Are you tired from the stresses of your daily life and are looking for a chance to quickly escape for a few minutes?

We're Things Quiz, and we're here for you! Created with you in mind, Things Quiz provides quizzes, tests, and trivia for you to enjoy.

Get ready to broaden your knowledge!

Whether you’re seeking fact-based quizzes that test your knowledge, trivia tests to help you learn something new about the world around you, or insightful personality quizzes that help you get to know yourself better, Things Quiz has what you’re looking for.

Let’s face it: the world is chock-full of bad news, negative websites, and online bickering. That’s why Things Quiz is dedicated to providing a positive, light, and inspiring space where you can look forward to a fun, friendly break in your day. Don’t be afraid to jump right in!

Do you ever wonder...

Who would be in your celebrity squad?
When the first train lines ran across the country?
What type of romantic gift is perfect for your partner?

Curiosity is an inherent trait for us as humans, and we’re always seeking to understand the wonders of the world around us. We enjoy learning, especially when we can do it in a fun, stress-free setting! That’s exactly what Things Quiz is all about.

Our award-winning website brings you the best new quizzes, pop culture tests, entertaining games, news bites, and engaging information from all over the Internet, and across the world.

Take a break from the bad news and dark, ugly facts. At Things Quiz we are your getaway from all of that negativity; a sort of online oasis that is sure to brighten your spirit. Our mission is to bring new insights to our readers in a fun, uplifting way. We keep it light, we keep it fun, and we keep it friendly!

What Will You Find Here?
- Quizzes that help you explore yourself and others.
- Quizzes that explore your knowledge of specific subjects.
- Trivia games that broaden your horizons.
- Fun personality tests.
- Beautiful photographs and illustrations.
- Fun facts about countless subjects.
- Intriguing lists and listicles.

When you need a few minutes to wind down, Things Quiz is the place to be. We act as a fun, lighthearted destination that will break up your stressful day. We update our site daily, and we're always on the lookout for the positive, high-quality content our readers enjoy.

Get ready to open your eyes, heart, and mind, and start exploring the world and all the wonder within it. Welcome to Things Quiz, we’re happy to have you!

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